Install STEAM on openSUSE


Many of you, know about STEAM. If you play games, I'm sure you know it!!! ;-)
You probably know that the first distro that ported STEAM was Ubuntu. What about openSUSE?
The installation is pretty easy. It's only few clicks away.
First of all, check the STEAM wiki page

Let's start the installation.

1. First of all, go to and search the word steam. Choose the first box (Steam) and choose the version of openSUSE you use. Press Show Unstable Packages and press CONTINUE.

Warning, Unstable packages

2. Here you'll see the repositories for the version of openSUSE eg 12.3. Choose the first (games). The rest repositories are from users that they like steam. You can also download the 32bit or 64but of the rpm file, or easier you can click 1-click-install. It'll add all needed repositores and dependencies.


3. Download the ymp file and choose to open with yast.

1-click-install open with yast

4. Next, you'll be informed about the repositories that it'll add. Press next.

Add repositories

5. It'll also inform you about the package it'll install (Steam). Press next.

Install Steam

6. Next, you can see the summary of what changes of what it will be installed on your system.

Install Summary

And it'll warn you but you continue. Press next.

Install Warning

7. Give your root password and just wait.

Give root password

After it'll add the repositories

Give root password

it'll ask you if you trust the repository

Trust repository

it'll start the procedure

Loading package manager



and install


and after it ends, press finish.

Finish installation

8. Search Steam. Go to Applications > Games.


Accept the licence

Accept the licence

Steam will download some new packages

Download new packages

and will install them

Steam installs packages

but you should wait a little longer

Wait to finish steam installation

9. And you're all set...

Steam on openSUSE

Unfortunately (for you) I don't play games. I cannot try it. You can test it and write your oppinion here or better use the forum.

You can find this tutorial in Greek here or our Steam wiki page.

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