Idea for openSUSE "market" using Epiphany...

I had an idea for a long time. Well, my ubunt-o-friends always tell me that Ubuntu is easier because it has Software Center.
Well, I tell them that we have YaST and everything we do, it's through YaST. If something isn't there, there's always the magic URL:

So I thought why don't create a cool "search engine" with goodies? Since I'm not the perfect guy to do it, I tried to create something using epiphany. As far as I know, epiphany has the feature to save a URL as Web application. So what I did was that:

1. Open this URL

2. Save as web application.

3. Save the icon and the name you prefer. I saved it as market.

4. Now search for market.

5. Search what you want and install it using the feature one click install that YaST provides us.

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