Install MATE on openSUSE 13.2 using NET install ISO

We've seen how to install MATE on openSUSE.

There's an easier way I think. Although that MATE isn't an option on installation DVD (we'll try to include it next time), there's an option on NET install ISO. Here we'll see how to do it.


1. Follow steps from previous tutorial from 1 to 10.

Install overview

2. Click on Software.

Install MATE

3. Click on MATE Desktop Environment.

Install MATE Desktop with GNOME

As you can see from the picture, it'll install GNOME Base System. You can unselect it without fear.

Install MATE Desktop with GNOME

4. Click OK and you'll be prompted back to Overview. As you can see from the picture, it says that I'll install MATE and GNOME Base System. It was the first time I installed it and I didn't see it :-(

Install Overview

5. After restart, I had the xdm Display Manager but it logged into GNOME. Just for the verification of the installation, I installed lightdm (sudo zypper in lightdm) and made it as default Display Manager.

LightDM as Display Manager

and here is the proof.

LightDM with MATE Desktop and GNOME

"Unfortunately" this is very base system. So you have to install everything else (codecs, firefox, gimp, vlc etc).

Have phun...

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