inadyn and openSUSE Raspberry Pi

We've seen how to install no-ip.
Fortunately, there's not only this service but other services too. Just for reference, here are some (not only free):

Let's see one of them After you register, go to Dynamic DNS link (on the left top box-for members).
Add your host with type A and subdomain and domain what you like as host.

Now there's going to be a list of your host names. Right click on the Direct Link and copy the link. You should keep the alpha-numeric key. The address will be something like[alpha-numeric-key]

Now it's time to install the client. I've found it from

1. First of all, install the needed programs to build the service.

zypper in gcc-c++ gcc git libopenssl-devel make nano

2. Then

mkdir inadyn

cd inadyn

3. Download the program from

and decompress it

tar xvfJ inadyn-1.99.9.tar.xz

4. Go to the directory

cd inadyn-1.99.9

5. Compile and install


make install

6. Create the confing file

nano /etc/inadyn.conf

with the following content

--username USERNAME
--password PASSWORD
--update_period 3600
--forced_update_period 14400
--alias HOSTNAME,alphanumeric key

The bold words are the ones you should change. Remember the alphanumeric key is the one you got from right click on the Direct Link.

7. Start the client. Create the service file.

nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/inadyn.service

8. Add the following content.

Description=inadyn Dynamic DNS Update Client



9. Start the service

systemctl start inadyn.service

and enable the service

systemctl enable inadyn.service

10. Reboot and check if the service is running.

ps -A | grep inadyn

you should get results something like:

1526 ? 00:00:00 inadyn

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