ownCloud conference 2015, I'll be there!!!

I'm so excited that I'll join ownCloud conference for a first time. The conference will be held in Berlin during August 28 - Sept 3 2015. I'll participate with a short presentation about Greek community.

With this post I would like to thank Jos Poortvliet and ownCloud because he helped me a lot with my transportation to Berlin. My country is under capital controls and we cannot buy airplane tickets and book hotel. Thank you Jos for everything.

The conference will be a huge hackathon with a short brake (August 29-30) of techtalks and workshops.
Checking the program, I'll be glad to attend many interesting talks. Keynote by Angela Richter and of course Frank Karlitschek are the two presentations I don't want to miss. I love all Jos' talks because they're not technical and I can understand them. I'll attend other presentations marked as medium.

A tech conference isn't just a conference but there will be parties. I'll be glad to meet Jos once again, Klaas (I know him from openSUSE) and also new people from ownCloud. This is my second time in Berlin (first was Desktop Summit). This time I go under different circumstances but with more excitement.

For more information, follow Facebook conference page or Google Plus conference page.

ownCloud conference

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